Family Health Services
What We Do

At Helpline 211, we have specialized staff whose focus is helping ensure callers successfully get connected to mental health service providers. On Helpline 211 alone, we receive over 500 calls related to mental health every month. Callers who receive mental health related referrals are eligible for a follow-up from a Mental Health Navigator.  


When you receive a mental health resource from our database, you are eligible for a follow-up from a Mental Health Navigator so we can make sure you get the help you are looking for. If you were unable to make an appointment or are in need of more referrals, we can help with that. Alternatively, if you call 211 and press 9, you can be connected directly to a navigator if one is available.  

Our Impact

Launched in 2020, the Mental Health Navigator program serves to assist residents of the big bend region of Florida get connected to mental health services. In the year of 2021, Mental Health Navigators completed over 200 follow ups relating to mental health and mental health resources.  Our team is ready to help those in need.

What Service Actually Looks Like:

Our Mental Health Navigators have access to the same resources as our other hotline counsellors, but they can arrange to follow-up with you. Having your initial call with the navigators and arranging a follow-up with them allows them to become more familiar with your needs, and helps them prepare the follow-up with you.  


When a navigator follows up with you, they check in on your well-being and can offer emotional support. Additionally, they will review with you what resources you tried contacting, and whether or not you were successful in getting the help you need. In the event you are not successful, they can discuss with you resources you maybe did not receive in your first call or other viable solutions.  


The navigators can talk to you about psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, and support groups. There are differences in mental health professionals, and these differences are not always clear. They also can help compare and contrast different types of psychological care and their aims, such as inpatient versus outpatient, therapeutic approaches like DBT and CBT, etc.. This is the kind of information that the navigator team can review with you in a follow up. They are also able to filter providers by insurances accepted, sliding scale fees, the need to manage prescription medications, and other factors that may be important when looking for resources.  


Our staff understands the limitations of mental health resources in the community. Long waiting lists, professionals who don’t return phone calls, and trouble with insurance makes getting help even more difficult. They are able to talk to you about these concerns as well.  

Success Stories

Connected to Psychiatrist

Kevin called us because she was worried about her teenage daughter’s behavior. We were able to connect them with one of the three main psychiatric hospitals in Tallahassee where she had an evaluation done and began outpatient therapy. When we called back to follow up, we were happy to hear that things were working out!

Follow Up After Inpatient Stay

Jah’Kayla called Lifeline because her son, who was in the 8th grade, was struggling with his sexuality and with suicidal ideation. We were able to check in with her and confirm that her son had received inpatient treatment and medication after a previous Baker act, while also offering our services again if she needed any LGBT+ friendly outpatient services!

Follow up For Suicide

Megan called Lifeline when she was feeling suicidal. After short-term crisis counselling, she was offered a suicide check in. During that follow up, Megan expressed the desire to get back into therapy, so our Mental Health Navigators were able to find referrals to therapists in her area and offer another follow up to assure that she was connected to a provider.

Follow Up For Grief

Amy called looking for grief therapy after the loss of her husband. We counseled her while we found some referrals for mental health resources. We reached out a few days later to checkin and she was able to make a telehealth appointment with Big Bend Hospice.