Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow® Florida (HMG) helps to promote healthy development for every child in our state. By identifying children who may be in need of developmental, behavioral, or learning supports, HMG connects families with community-based programs for health and developmental services at no cost.

Screenings are recommended for all children to ensure they are developing appropriately. HMG supports families in many ways, even if their child does not have a disability or issue of concern.

Complete a free screening

This link will take you to the screening questionnaire for children 2 months- 8 years old. You will only need 10–15 minutes to fill out a questionnaire.

Once completed, the results will automatically be sent to the Care Coordinator and you will receive a follow-up call within 3-5 business days to go over the results.

Leadership Team
  • Donna Hagan
    Executive Director
    Healthy Start Coalition
  • Courtney Atkins
    Executive Director
    Whole Child Leon
  • Dina Snider
    Director of Program Operations
    Children’s Home Society of Florida
  • ‍Ivory Miller
    Family and Early Childhood Case Manager
    Big Bend Homeless Coalition
  • Mary Pentrandis
    Child Find Specialist
    Florida Diagnostic Learning Resource System (FDLRS)
  • Amber Volano-Freeman
    Program Coordinator
    211 Big Bend Help Me Grow

  • Lexie Jansto
    Care Coordinator
    211 Big Bend Help Me Grow
  • Kara Palmer Smith
    Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend
  • Dr. Susan Cross
    Physician Champion
    211 Big Bend Help Me Grow

Family & Provider Resources

A developmental screening is a short questionnaire to assess if a child is achieving milestones. Screenings help to determine if children are on track with meeting their milestones or if there are possible developmental delays.

Screening questions are based on your child’s age that includes

  • Communication (able to speak clearly, process speech sounds, to understand others)
  • Problem-solving, and personal (ability to calm down, take direction and follow rules)
  • Social skills (demonstrate feelings, and interact with others)
  • Gross Motor (movements using the entire body, crawling, walking, and jumping)
  • Fine Motor (movements using muscles in our hands, grasping, and holding a pencil)

For information about age-appropriate developmental milestones, visit these sites:

Sometimes, families have needs that are too great for one agency to solve alone. As a service provider, you may have noticed that some of the families you serve could benefit from connections to additional services and supports.

We can provide many things for your agency. Provide presentations, request material, outreach events, add an agency to database, and collaborate with us!

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